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"Joey is simply great! My son was new to the area and did not have band in 5th grade, like most students. So, when he began band in 6th grade, he was quite behind compared to the other trumpet players. On a recommendation, we reached out to Joey for help. Not only did he make my son feel comfortable playing the trumpet, he also made him enjoy it! Now my son is on par, if not better, than the students who had already been playing for a year. Joey is a phenomenal teacher and an all around great guy. I would recommend him to any parent that wants their child to learn trumpet, while also having fun!" - Bryan Rachal
"Joey is an outstanding trumpet teacher. My 7th grade son's skills, confidence, and enjoyment of playing have grown immensely since he started working with Joey. Joey is patient, funny, kind, flexible, and incredibly talented. He is an excellent communicator and easy to work with." - Erin Trendler

"Joey is an excellent trumpet teacher. He is great with our kids and has truly developed them into promising little trumpet players!" - Teri Cady
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