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"Bursting with infectious energy and simply rocks."
- Owen Davies,

Birthed from a deep love of progressive rock and jazz fusion, BIGFOOT METER's music tows the line between both genres, refusing to fit entirely into one or the other. The six-part line up consists of Joey Blunk (trumpet), David Bernot (saxophone), Andres Orco (guitar), Rocco Williams (synthesizers and vibraphone), Nate Marsh (bass), and Jeff Peterson (drums). Together, they offer a high intensity, rhythmically intricate, and deeply personal sound throughout Colorado.

BIGFOOT METER debuted in 2021 with a wildly new sound to the Denver area. In 2022, they released their debut self-titled album which has been featured on The Progressive Rock Journal, Rock Arte, The Progressive Aspect,, and The Rational Alchemy Podcast. Today, BIGFOOT METER continues to perform throughout Colorado, relentlessly pushing the envelope with new, innovative compositions that challenge their audience while still maintaining an ease of approachability.

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